Hi From Brazil

Dear friends,

How are you. How is life in England? I miss you all.

Sorry if I have not written for a while. Life is very busy here. I have not been able to sell much jewellery over here. I became an English teacher and I am working at one of the best English schools in Brazil. 

We are very happy here. The kids are growing up very fast. I am so proud of them, they are speaking Portuguese very well, like a native.

I hope to hear from all of you soon.


Cintia (Jeanie)


I have moved to Brazil

Dear friends and customers,

I would like to thank you all for all the support you gave me on the last past years while I was living in the UK. I will never forget any of you as you all made part of my life in some stage and some still do.

I am now settled, with my family in Brazil in my home city “Porto Alegre” and we are very happy here. I shall miss you all.

All the best,

Cintia Gough

Loom bands available at Jeanie Jewellery now.

Now you can find Loom bands to buy at Jeanie Jewellery. A pack of 300 bands, 1 tool and 12 “S” hooks is £1.50.

AirPos Customer Case of Study Featured Jeanie Jewellery

Airpos-logo                      Customer Case Studies

Jeanie Jewellery


Born in South Brazil, Cintia Gough moved to England in February 2000 having had big success with craft fairs in Brazil. With a passion for all things handmade and her love of jewellery, Cintia opened Jeanie Jewellery in Newport, Shropshire selling bespoke handmade jewellery and accessories to the UK public and beyond.

From jewellery made in crochet with sewing thread & wire to jewellery made with cornflour and PVA glue, it’s Cintia’s mission to create unique pieces using unusual material and techniques, bringing locally, handmade goods back into the high street.

Prior to AirPOS, Cintia was recording her sales by pen and paper. When selling at markets, fairs and pop up events, Cintia had to write all of her sales down by hand and then input this information into a spread sheet when she got home. According to Cintia, this was a very time consuming and frustrating process.

But why AirPOS? Well it was becoming clear that Cintia needed a solution that would not only allow her to process transactions but also help control inventory better. In February 2013, Cintia found AirPOS – exactly what she’d been searching for;

“With Airpos I can register all my items individually with codes, descriptions and photos. It also helps me to keep track of what I make and sell.”

Another bonus for Jeanie Jewellery was the portable nature of AirPOS. Cintia can now take her Android tablet running AirPOS to her customers and serve them quicker and easier at trade fairs and pop up events. The AirPOS solution has since proved invaluable to Cintia who summarised her experience to date;

“It has been a great experience using Airpos. It has made my life easier.”


Jeanie Jewellery at Cups and Wands Shop

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Pop in Pop up

My stand at Pop in Pop up in Wellington.

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